DOMAIN AVAILABLE about November 1, 2021


Who are likely buyers?

Dataface is a nice name, we were lucky to get it back in about 1999.

Perfect for start-up or established companies in BIG DATA, DATA VISUALIZATION, DEEP LEARNING.

To inquire about the transfer, send email to subscribe (at-sign) this domain.

Dataface, Inc., a TX corporation has closed, owners retired to New Mexico and Colorado.

What about e-mails?

I am communicating new addresses at this domain,, to friends and family,... banks, brokerages, and health care sites, and ... arts friends and organizations in Houston...

...USA friends and family...

...organizations to which I make regular donations..

...old friends from the past in Europe.

The old addresses will work for a while but I am not monitoring them every day.

Hello, search engines!

If I have failed to notify anybody of my new addresses, maybe this page will help...

...send email to subscribe (at-sign) this domain, unless you are a spammer!

Keywords to lead to me:

Toby, Toby Atkinson, Toby D. Atkinson, Françoise Crispin

5036 Calle Espana NW, Albuquerque NM 87120-1863

My interests and some of the organizations I support (maybe the links help them, too): (NM Steam Locomotive) (theater company) (spay neuter clinic) (railway museum) (classical music radio) (classical CDs) (opera house)

If I die or disappear...

My will is with the Albuquerque law firm

My medical POA is held by Françoise and by